Data science is a field of unimaginable growth and exceptional relevance to our world. Our world is now giving rise to more and more data each day, which is supported by very expensive and never-ending cloud computing, which is present to process that data. Nowadays, data is considered as the new currency. It has become a center of attraction for major companies because they can derive solutions for their future problems and amplify their business and modify it according to the ongoing trends in the market. 

To make this happen, the organizations hire those candidates who have the skills to understand the data and derive the solutions from it. The data science field expert is known as a data scientist since they are the most experienced in the areas of statistics, machine learning, data visualization, etc. The individual who has all those skills mentioned above will have one of the highest-earning salaries in technology. With all the above requirements, the data scientist should also be able to solve business-related problems, be swift, and should be able to have effective communication with everyone.  Learn more about Data Science Course in Pune



In recent research, it was observed how an applicant becomes a qualified candidate for a data scientist position. The study’s name was “1001 Data Scientists LinkedIn Profiles,” and it was conducted for the third successive year. This third time, it was able to portray a data scientist’s various characteristics in the year 2020 compared to the data from the years 2018 and 2019. The study found that the data scientists’ overall profile is 71% male for those who have been a data scientist for 3.5 years. Data scientists have to work with Python and also have a Master’s degree. The reason is that most of the data scientists in the research field are male. The ratio that was found was very consistent – in 2020 (71:29), in 2019 (69:31), and in 2018 (70:30), which is an actual view of today’s workplace. It was also observed that the average work experience for data scientists increased from 4.5 to 8.5 years from 2018 to 2020.


The data scientist’s job requires him to mine data with the help of API’s or through ELT pipelines and use programming from Python and R. The study observed that the most used programming in the field of data science in Python and the topmost five coding language used are Java-16%, MATLAB-20%, SQL-51%, R-56%, and Python-73%. This is a huge change from 2018 where Python and R were both at 53%. But now, Python has become the most used programming language.


It was found that more than 95% of data scientists have a bachelor’s degree and higher. Of those, 53% have a Master’s degree, and 26% have a Ph.D. This data proved that people aim for a higher academic degree besides just having a bachelor’s degree and technical skills to become a data scientist.


In a recent study, data scientists, before their current role, were either an analyst or an intern, which helped them secure the job. According to the research, two years ago, 11% of the data scientists were in an internship, and 7% were in an internship just before the job.  Click here for more details Data Science Course in Chennai

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