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Programming languages necessary to write programs and solutions.  A data scientist is a combination of some technical and non-technical skills. Having at least one or two programming languages in your toolbox helps a data scientist strongly stand in the job market.

Python is a widely used, user-friendly, and open-source programming language. Due to high readability and lucidity, python is recognized as the most powerful and popular programming language.

Python offers a convenient way to address almost all problems and you can try out interactively many things before writing the first script.


If a data scientist doesn’t come up without knowing any programming language, what will happen?

What Is The Scope Of A Data Scientist Without Programming Skills?

Non-programmer data scientists can use GUI-based tools or enhance other skills to exist in the market. A huge number of GUI-based tools available will help a non-programmer write coding and programs. But knowing programming skills is a must for a data scientist.

The popularity of Python:

Python is an elementary and perfect programming language that is popular due to its simplicity. It is based on logic and simple syntax, which is made accessible even for beginners. A non-programmer can read python codes as reading English commands.

If a person with non-programming skills has a good grasp of mathematics and English, it is easy to start python. Moreover, understanding logic helps you to start any language virtually such as, Net, Java.

Non-programmer can start with other languages like C, Java, or C++, which are statically typed languages. With the most expressive language features, python has a huge range of standard libraries for different purposes, such as Spicy, Pandas, and Scikit-learn.

Start Learning Python without Having Programming Experience

Learning python without having any programming experience is easy because of python’s simple syntax and huge libraries. Python students can enhance various programming skills, including data type design and decomposition of problems. Python and data science courses in Malaysia help students to come into the loop and start user-defined objects.

Ready to start learning Python

Alright, so let’s begin.

A non-programmer or novice can take help from various sources like the internet, books, friends, or tutorials. But the first and foremost source to learn Python is the python tutorials. It’s an excellent and authentic source of learning Python. After some practice, a non-programmer can read and write the modules and understand the functions. It’s free and anyone can join to learn.

In case of any problem, taking help from the community or google will help you a lot to address the problem.

Some Great Tips to Learn Python

  • Join Python communities on social media and other websites.
  • Practice at least two hours
  • Start learning with C++ or C#
  • Read books and search on the net for a good grip
  • Register some online free course such as Coursera
  • Practice on test projects to polish your skills
  • Create games because they will help you to understand the logic
  • Take breaks in between programming 
  • Take some healthy food to boost brain
  • Always make a strong foundation and then jump to advance skills
  • Develop a project on python
  • Solve problems on python

Some good books to learn Python:

  • Python for you and me (website & book)
  • Learning Python the hard way (book)
  • Python Crash Course (book)
  • Importance of Python

Reasons to Learn Python:

For developing prototypes, Python is easy to use and has high readability.

Python is used in automation, big data analysis, and data mining. For general tasks, it provides the best support.

Python facilitates a more productive and constructive coding environment as compared to other languages.

If you don’t have any programming experience or coding skills, python supports you because it is straightforward. Anyone can learn and work with python, but practice and patience is the key to success.

Bottom-line recommendations:

Having coding skills in python and other languages provides a strong base. Python is very easy to learn and everyone can learn it even without programming experience even a novice can learn. 

The combination of the two most conductive programming languages makes your work more enjoyable. so learn more languages to make a strong portfolio.

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